Massage Therapies

Massage has many health benefits and is currently the world’s most sort after complimentary therapy. Often people think of massage as being a luxury, but for someone with a serious illness such as cancer it can be a very powerful tool to help them cope with their condition.

I offer the following massage treatments;

  • Oncology & Palliative Care
  • Relaxation for Carers
  • Scar Tissue Management
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Remedial for Chronic conditions
  • Paediatrics (cancer related)

Pricing for treatments are;

  • 45 min appointment $60
  • 60 min appointment $80
  • 90 min appointment $120
  • Home visits available on request for palliative from $100

Oncology Massage

This is a very gentle, safe and effective massage designed to help relax and alleviate side effects from cancer treatments. It also gives you a greater sense of well being, makes you feel more positive about your body and builds hope.

Improves quality of life
Relieve Stress/ Anxiety/ Depression
Improve energy levels
Relief from pain & neuropathy
Prevent symptoms of lymphoedema
Scar tissue reduction and softening
Reduce muscle tension
Decrease Insomnia
Alleviate nausea

Palliative Care Massage

Massage for someone that is palliative is a very gentle, nurturing touch that relaxes and calms the mind and body. It focuses on treating the pain, symptoms and stresses of advanced illnesses and can provide meaning and respite to a palliative-care patient.

Improves quality of life
Relieve Stress/ Anxiety/ Depression
Alleviate Pain
Improve Sleep
Manage & prevent oedema
Assist Digestion
Alleviate Constipation

Relaxation Massage for Carers

I understand the daily pressures that carers are placed under physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Often carers forgo time out for themselves. Relaxation massage can help you function to the best of your ability and help you provide the best possible care to your loved one. Nurturing yourself is vitally important to your wellbeing and your families.

Improve energy levels
Alleviate Stress/ Anxiety
Reduce Muscle Tension
Reduce Fatigue
Prevent injury
Increase mood
Enhance well being

Scar Tissue Management

Many people having surgery particularly due to cancer can often develop problematic scars. Scar tissue management incorporates both massage and aromatherapy products that are both beneficial and effective in reducing these problematic scars.

The aim is to:
Assist in healing of scars
Facilitate restoration of tissue (softening)
Improve function of tissue (elasticity)
Prevent restricted range of movement
Enhance personal wellbeing
Improve skin quality and flexibility

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialised skin stretching technique that is used to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid around the body. If you’ve ever had surgery on or involving your lymph nodes, your doctor may suggested you have lymphatic drainage massage to help reduce your risk of lymphoedema.

The aim is to:
Improve Lymphatic system performance
Reduce swelling (fluid build up)
Relax nervous system
Eliminate toxins
Enhance immune system

Condition treated can include:
Lymphoedema / Lipoedema
Fluid retention
Pre & post surgery
Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue
Constipation and IBS

Remedial Massage

Designed to remedy a specific ailment in your body to help reduce and prevent further pain and discomfort. It can tone or relax muscles, stimulate the bodies circulation and calm the nervous system.  Massage for chronic conditions is a light low friction style massage that stimulates the blood and lymph flow. Understanding of chronic illnesses and medications is a vital component of treatment.

Reduce swelling / fluid retention
Reduce pain
Enhance personal wellbeing
Alleviate stress/ anxiety
Improve balance
Increase flexibility
Helps with mobility
Assists with posture

Conditions Treated can include:
Stress related disorders
Chronic fatigue
Soft tissue injuries
Back pain
Joint pain

Paediatric Massage

Paediatric Massage is gentle and non invasive. It provides physical, physiological, and emotional benefits for children who are under going cancer treatments. It is used as an adjunct to healthcare. The intention is to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere providing compassionate care for a child; we do this by incorporating nursery rhymes, toys and play.

Empowerment to child & parents
Ease fears
Relieve stress/ anxiety
Uplift mood
Improve energy levels
Improve quality of life
Assist with physical soreness and pain
Alleviate nausea

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