As an Aromatherapist I design treatments and personalised products for people to help alleviate symptoms from cancer treatments and chronic illnesses. A person’s medical history is taken prior to formulation of a product including an overview of existing medications to prevent possible interactions. All aromacare treatments are designed to be as gentle and non invasive as possible to ensure no harm to you.

Aromacare is the use of various natural materials, such as plants and minerals, that are carefully combined into an aromatic treatment to assist with a person’s health and wellbeing. Natural ingredients include essential oils, resins, CO2 extracts, herbs, infused oils, tinctures, hydrosols (floral waters), salts and lipids (oils & butters).

Products and Methods of administration may include:

  • Serums
  • Ointments and salves
  • Skin care creams, washes and sprays
  • Massage blends
  • Bath salts
  • Inhalation blends
  • Diffuser blends

These natural aromatic products can actively support your physical health and have a deep impact on your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Skin care treatments are designed to promote blood flow and skin regeneration, prevent and treat bacterial infections, relax muscles and ease pain. Inhalation and diffuser treatments can aid breathing, uplift mood, encourage sleep, purify air and eliminate odours.

Aromacare can be very effective in treating:

Radiation burns
Scar tissue
Wound healing (ulcers, bed sores)
Sensitive skin
Bacterial infections
Muscle pain
Nerve pain (neuropathy)
Stress/ anxiety/ depression

Aromacare can offer a helping hand for people of every age from children to the elderly and provides the best that nature has to offer to those in need of extra special care.

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